$350.000 USD




In Colombia only 4,3% of rural households have a fixed internet connection, in urban areas this index rise to 50,8%, showing a huge challenge in terms of digital divide. This means dramatic limitations to the use of high-speed internet, restricting activities such as remote work, telemedicine or study. This lag is further accentuated due to the population's lack of payment capacity and digital skills, these communities face a significant gap in an increasingly digital environment, making them more vulnerable to bankruptcy, unemployment, desertion among others social problems.


Our solution is to promote the closing of the digital divide and develop processes of social transformation based on the power of internet access and new technologies


We identify social problems like education, health and economic reactivation among others. Then we structure custom public investment projects identifying and designing a strategy to access the public and private founding sources, to finally execute them, generating social transformation processes that amplify their impact thanks to the power of internet and new technologies.


We identify social problems to execute projects, generating social transformation processes that amplify their impact thanks to the power of new technologies.


Our primary market is Colombia, but we want to expand in the short term to LATAM because we have found that there´s an important amount of public founds that aren´t used by public entities. Just in Colombia the OECD estimated that 2/3 of the public entities only uses 20% of their budgets although the needs of their communities and that’s because the municipalities and governorates have low capacities for public investment projects design and execution, while only 30% have intermediate or high levels. Just for the case of Colombia the resources availability in 2021 was of $81.6 trillion pesos. In our country and in Latin-American the poverty phenomenon is not a budget issue, is a planning and execution problem because of the lack of technical capacities.