$300.000 USD


$200.000 USD


Approximately 1,600,000 young people in Colombia do not study or work. Higher education is not accessible to everyone, in Colombia less than 50% of young people from vulnerable communities have access to higher education. This lack of opportunities makes it even more difficult for them to link up with formal, well-paid jobs with growth expectations.
The interesting part of this problem is that companies in the world continue to open vacancies and opportunities, however 69% of them complain because they do not find the talent that they require (ManpowerGroup, 2021). This tells us that there is a talent gap and an unemployment rate ready to fill this market mismatch.


Disruptia develops a platform that integrates technological tools and EdTech courses available to offer a personalized online educational service, based on the skills of applicants and the requirements of existing vacancies in the labor market (such as ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Web Development’ and 'Digital Sales'). Students obtain training that enables them to obtain formal jobs in an agile way (3-6 month programs), with affordable rates (average USD 500) and with the option to pay up to 60% of this when a job is secured.


At Disruptia, technology is not the end in itself but a way to generate sustainable, inclusive and meaningful impact. We go beyond technological training and focus on attending to the urgent, filling the available vacancies and generating formal employment for our students. Additionally, we train from the 4 educational dimensions required to work successfully in the XXI Century: knowledge, skills, attitudes and mentalities; which facilitates labor insertion.


We use agile training, data and technology to close gaps between youth with high employment barriers, EdTech supply, and company vacancies needs.


Our total market size (TAM) consists of the sum of B2B and B2C models. The B2B model contemplates the market of LATAM companies, a total of 13 M that could open around 11 vacancies and for this pay 43 USD per user and a single fee of 500 USD for the study of the vacancy profile. This represents a market of 18.5 B USD. In addition to this, the B2C model contemplates supporting the job search of 140 M young people at the LATAM level who pay 429 USD for their employability route, which represents a market value of 60B USD In total our TAM is 78.5B USD.
As for the Serviceable Available Market (SAM), around 10M unemployed young people in LATAM must be linked, considering that companies can open 11 vacancies each, it would be necessary to cover 909,000 companies representing a market of 884M USD. In the B2C model, if 10M young people paid for the employability routes, this market would be 4.29 USD, for a total SAM market of 5.17B USD. And in the Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM), our purpose is to target the 5000 largest companies in Colombia and with our current capabilities support the talent process to fill 20 open vacancies in each company with a value of 429 USD per user in the specific route they need. Under this, the SOM market is 44M USD.