$100.000 USD


$100.000 USD


Managers (regardless of the size of the company) have the same issue: have the ability to make decisions in real time, with accurate information that allows them to increase their profits via revenue or optimization.


In order to provide a solution to this problem, we have been working on two lines of business:
1. AI and computer vision solutions: in general, companies continually forget the data available in the images captured through video cameras, with our artificial intelligence and computer vision developments we have managed to potentiate this data transforming it into key information. Currently , we have a solution that allows us to prevent identity theft fraud, through facial biometrics and artificial intelligence, so that companies can make decisions and respond in real time regardless of the business process, eg: credit approval , sale of services, access control.
2.Advanced analytics solutions: We transform information into knowledge, we start from the data that companies have, and through mathematical and statistical models, we transform it into key information for decision-making in real time, according to the specific need of each company, making organizations profitable in two ways: optimizing processes or increasing sales.


We understand our clients' business and apply AI and advanced analytics solutions developed by ourselves.


You don't have to be NASA or Google to apply artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, at easydata we bring technology to your company


We have different target markets depending on our line of services:
1. AI and computer vision solutions: Our target market are companies that need to strengthen and streamline their security and customer or user verification processes, eg. Banks, Fintechs, Residential complexes, service desk companies, telecommunications. Our current users are concentrated in service desk companies, however, we are looking to expand to other industries.
2. Advanced analytics solutions: Model development services and analytics consulting: medium and large companies in the service sector