$500.000 USD


$300.000 USD


The main problem for E-commerce companies, to face exponential growth, is logistics. Logistics is the main barrier both to grow and to have satisfied customers. And in Latin America current logistics operators do not have a full logistics solution nor are they specialized in e-commerce and their performance is not according to what was expected by the final customers.


We are an end-to-end logistics solution that, taking advantage of our powerful technological platform and a specialized human team, allows our clients to solve all the logistics value chain: Storage, Fulfillment, and distribution Local and national, with real-time management and a success rate and level of optimization that makes logistics a differentiator to our customers. and additionally we convert our data into valuable information that enhances the strategies of our clients.


Entrégalo eliminates logistics as a problem and turns it into one of the biggest differentiators of your e-commerce. Growing has never been so easy, we make our warehouses and local and national distribution network available to our clients, which together with our technological platform allow us to monitor in real time each activity and each order of your clients, reaching efficiency rates that exceed expectations of our customers and reducing operating costs by more than 30%


Entrégalo solve E2E the logistics: storage, fulfillment, same-day deliveries, cost reduction and satisfied clients.


Latin American companies with a business unit in e-commerce, with a special focus on SMEs. This market is around US 12.5 Billion in logistics costs. with interannual growth of 30%.