$3.000.000 USD


$1.000.000 USD


-The entrepreneur does not have the structure to import products and have large inventories, nor the logistics structure to send the products to the entire country -Not knowing how to sell: They do not have the knowledge to sell online massively (Facebook ads, instagram and social selling in general) -The entrepreneur does not have the necessary tools to be successful in his sales (accounting, traceability of his sales and money, short cash flow cycle, web pages, customer service) -The small producer does not have a digital presence: They do not have an effective way to promote and sell their products.


-Technological platform where we make available to the entrepreneur and producer, thousands of products, logistics, customer service, financial services and traceability -We teach you step by step and hand in hand how to sell online and succeed in the attempt -Development of tools that the entrepreneur needs to start in e-commerce (web pages, money in real time)


-Modular solution for each client according to their needs, hoko is a specialized software with traceability in real time, with the possibility of integrating with all conveyors and systems with api -Scalable model with easy expansion in the short and medium term to Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina -Great verticality in complementary businesses such as fintech, advance of balance in wallet, microcredits and education


A platform that allows you to have suppliers and sellers in a single site under a technological environment that gives complete traceability to all operations.


Entrepreneurs with small and medium-sized businesses who wish to participate in ecommerce