$100.000 USD


$100.000 USD


In Latin America (CAF-financial capacity measurement surveys) and in Colombia (CONPES 4005) there is a phenomenon that directly threatens the development of our countries and is the lack of financial education.
The financial education is such important that LatAm governments constantly make efforts and invest resources to improve the financial education of their citizens. However, the precarious levels of education in general make financial education have great obstacles, and therefore the citizens have not the skills nor the tools to take accurate financial decisions.
Reason why our citizens make financial decisions that end up harming their lives in the long term.
We have a vibrant road ahead in financial education and financial decision making with IFI – Inteligencia Financiera.


Our service is to provide financial advice and training to people who must make financial decisions and do not have a clear idea or have serious financial problems.
We are unique because our goal is to create added value in the lives of our clients, using and combining strategic plans, laws, technology (AI, data analysis), education and digital financial tools so that our clients (LatAm citizens) truly experience a better financial future.
We are a solution that combines the best of the digital and traditional world.
Our service begins just from USD 6 by hour and we have monthly plans.


We offer two key things for a citizen who is going to make a financial decision. 1) totally free and easy-to-use digital content and tools, and 2) high-quality digital financial consulting services starting at USD 6 per hour, which allows any Latin American citizen to access quality service without having to pay too much for the service.
The reason why we can offer such a competitive price is because we automate all our processes, we have digital tools, artificial intelligence tools, among other technology that has allowed us to connect the needs of the citizen with the solution, we have superior performance (98% of our clients indicate that their situation improved after consulting us) because we do not teach recipes, we cook a better financial future with our clients.
Our numbers speak for us: more than 9,000 personal clients advised on finances, more than 1,400 new long-term contracts, more than 1,200,000 visits to our websites, more than 1 million views on YouTube, etc., our sales grow to double digit with zero investment.


A better future for Latin Americans is possible, we listen your financial problems and help you to really solve them


The FINTECH market is giant and the services related to personal finances are at least vast, however, our market-fit is determined by the hiring of consulting services in critical financial decisions that we estimate in Colombia at USD 34 million per year by 2025 , of which we want to have at least 14.3 million, while in the rest of Latin America we estimate that the market will be around USD 200 million, of which we would love to have at least 17%.
The value of our Market-fit increases at the same time we have more customers and more data about them, so we can offer complementary and automatic services that allow them over time to find in us a personal finance cluster where all decisions benefit them, and thus multiplying our sales and profit.