$30.000 USD


$30.000 USD


1. Cargo and vital service drones: Mobility problems in emergency situations in urban environments, whether due to road congestion or catastrophe.
2. Diploma as an option to a degree in drone piloting certified by AEROCIVIL: Need for professionals in Engineering, Architecture and Communication to acquire skills to perform 4.0 solutions to multiple industries, in turn, compliance with the circular and certification of the CIVIL AERONAUTICS OF COLOMBIA. (Global standard regulation)
3. Online piloting school: professional training that the drone industry of the future will demand. According to the EU and the USA, 200,000 new jobs around drones are estimated for 2030.


1. At Maxdrone “everybody can fly”: Accessible courses, in virtual mode, content curated by experts based on their practical experience in industries. We have FREE social impact courses for children, Wayuu community. hearing impaired community. Also Diplomas in drone tech as an option to degree with universities.
2. Light Cargo drone: Development of a light cargo drone for emergencies. Service: Carrying out tests for the implementation of a new delivery service using drones that can overcome the problems of land vehicle mobility in urban environments, minimizing delays in shipments and the risks of logistics personnel, increasing customer satisfaction levels and the chances of saving lives.


1. Our drones are in an exclusive operational category of tool drones, these drones have a minimum market price of $10,000-$200,000, they have undetermined deliveries to Latin America and they have design/operation problems that we have validated with operators and potential clients. Our proposal has been prototyped at a very low cost, based on the cheapness and accessibility of the technology together with its collaborative nature. Our drones are amphibious, waterproof, floatable, portable, low impact in the event of a collision, without tubular or sharp structures.
2. In our pilot training model, we have accessible courses, tutored by experts, created as a digital asset to scale your sales through marketing, producing each own course costs $600USD and they go from 0% to 100% in 4-5 weeks . For each Diploma or online piloting course consumed, we obtain evangelized clients for more advanced courses. We have made 2 pre-sales of new products in product validation experiences with customers, obtaining a purchase conversion rate of 10%.


We are Maxdrone, the startup that develops solutions with drone tools and 4.0 skills with drones. #EverybodyCanFly


We have had a growth in sales of 300% since our foundation in 2016. From 2020 to 2021 we presented a growth of 1000%.
Cargo drones: According to the consulting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper, the global drone market will exceed US$127 billion in 2020 and Colombia expects to become a major player in the coming years. In the country there would be between 25 and 50 companies dedicated to the commercialization of these devices. MAXDRONE Through compassionate use in emergencies, we have as a penetration strategy the health sector and the search and rescue sector. A team of specialized researchers from CIENTECH have developed the methodology for validating, protecting and promoting the technology.
1. Those who fly for fun:
the pricing strategy for this line of courses is based on serving a blue ocean of people who use or want to start using drones for entertainment, this segment does not seek to pay for an aeronautical certification that allows them to operate, it exclusively seeks to improve their flying skills. lotage achieving a skillful and safe operation.
• Introductory piloting course for children – Offered FREE. It is the star product for the capitalization of new cold customer prospects and the development of social impact alliances. This course is characterized by having few barriers to its completion. The student who takes it does not require previous experience in drones or have a drone, only requires a tablet or smartphone where you can download a generic flight simulator, and with it carry out the practical phase of the course in a simulator. With this course the student obtains an introduction to the world of multi-rotor drones, and practical knowledge of the use of the remote control joystick and its effects on the displacement and movement of a drone.
• Adult Introductory Piloting Course – Retail Price: $1.99 USD
• Basic Remote Piloting Course (Manual or “Unassisted” Flight Mode) - Retail Price: $8.99 USD • Advanced Remote Piloting Course (GPS or “Assisted” Flight Mode) – 1 Retail Price: 9.99 USD
2. Students seeking to become certified:
The certified course as a drone pilot by AEROCIVIL is a vacant product, that is to say, of low growth of the industry in the market, but it is maintained with a constant demand, its limitations are given by the market price of the offers of the company. competition and the low quality requirements demanded by AEROCIVIL to certify. This customer segment only seeks to be certified, that is, it seeks to obtain a license as a requirement to go out to work in compliance with regulations.
• Certified drone pilot course by Civil Aeronautics (80 hours) - Retail price: $399.99 USD
The piloting diploma course, unlike the certified course, obeys a pricing strategy in which high differentiated value is added to the product without greater price limitations due to competition, because it serves a segment of pre-school students. degree in the process of developing their university career, the diploma course offers the student the AEROCIVIL certificate, the operations manual to present themselves as a pilot and be included in the AEROCIVIL operators database, and also the possibility of studying your semester with the completion of it and advance your career.
• Diploma in drone piloting as an option to a degree in partnership with Universities (86 hours) - Retail price: $899.99 USD
3. Students who already fly for work, and seek to specialize:
specialized teaching divisions: the teaching divisions are the opportunity for the student to decide where they can develop specialized skills for the provision of services or undertake to contribute innovation in multiple industries and the labor market. The pricing strategy is based on creating an intermediate opportunity cost regarding price for the student, in contrast to comparisons of unique specialized courses with an approximate average price of $150 USD, in our MAXDRONE PILOT platform the student makes a single payment of $69.99 USD to gain access to the specialized division of multiple specific courses in an area in which you wish to train.
o Drone Security, Surveillance and Control Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD o Drone Mapping and Survey Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD
o Drone Inspection Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD
o Precision Agriculture Drone Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD
o Search and Rescue Drone Operations Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD
o Drone Entrepreneurship & Business Development Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD o Commercial Drone Photography & Video Division - Retail Price: $69.99 USD"