$1.000.000 USD


$10.000.000 USD


Low access to credit for the purchase of products (point of sale and online) in the low-income population caused by: high operating costs, high rejection rate, lack of information, rigorous procedures and high response times.


We have build a fintech platform than can operate different financial service options, in our first solution our competitive advantage is prioritizing the culture of negotiation in the credit granting process, and through the financial education process through calls in cases, above all, of financial inclusion segments, we achieved an approval rate of more than 60%.


With our first BNPL product, merchants value us for our high approval rate as we provide negotiation options for vendors to offer product alternatives tailored to their customers' ability to pay. On the client side, they highlight the financial education that we provide when granting credit and the opportunity to access different financial services (consumption and free investment) when accessing their first credit.


Financial Microservices gateway for low income population


Our solution is aimed at segments with low financial inclusion where the average purchase ticket is less than 200 USD and their average income does not exceed 250 USD. Two types of profiles are generally found in these low-amount segments: young people (18-25 years old) who are starting their working life and who want to access their first loan and, on the other hand, we find older people (37 henceforth) with little financial information, limited knowledge of new technologies but who see how new opportunities open up with more flexible credit access tools to the traditional financial system.