$2.000.000 USD


$5.000.000 USD


Solar energy must be more competitive with respect to any other energy source for its mass use in Colombia and Latin America. Additionally, we have found that there is an important barrier in the knowledge of energy.


1. Energy efficiency as a service: we remove barriers to investment in energy efficiency, so we have a subscription model where a company with only US$22/month can perform real-time monitoring and make better decisions.
If, with the efficiency service, reactive energy charges are detected, which are being heavily penalized in our customers' bills, we add an additional accessory to the device that allows correcting quickly and with the highest cost-effectiveness in the market.
2. It's not just consume less, but also clean. But we go beyond the installation of a solar energy project. We offer our clients a management platform for their project, before, during and after installation. Additionally, through a mathematical model we carry out predictive maintenance in order to guarantee the best performance of the project and finally we have a patented deviced that allows solar panels follow the sun and increase energy generation between 18% to 23%.


We maximize energy efficiency and solar energy generation with different technologies we have developed as smart metering supported by artificial intelligence, IoT and advanced hardware devices, plus business models that facilitate their adoption.


We facilitate access to clean energy and energy efficiency through the development of new technologies


Mainly companies in the industrial and manufacturing sector whose average monthly energy consumption exceeds 5,000 kWh/month. Our potential market represents 1.5 billion dollars in solar energy and 832 million dollars in energy efficiency.