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$300.000 USD


The low effectiveness and few data about the behavior of employees in corporate communications using traditional channels such as email, WhatsApp, intranet, among others, generate a lack of knowledge of the audience in the departments of communication, marketing, and HR, negatively affecting the organizational culture, productivity and increasing the rate of employee turnover.


We have developed a software platform that allows companies to centralize, control, and deliver content in different types of formats and screens, from conventional TV, industrial monitor, interactive kiosk, PC, and smartphones easily and quickly.
For communications in point of sales and stores, we improve the customer experience, projecting their products and services in a more graphic, interactive, and effective way, on screens and kiosks.
And for internal communications to employees, we increase the engagement of each employment, guaranteeing more effective communications and collecting important data on their behavior regarding the messages they receive, which helps to better connect the entire company, create corporate culture, reduce the turnover rate, and increasing productivity.


We increase the effectiveness by up to 85%, guaranteeing that the corporate communication is being seen and rated by each employee while delivering data and insight to HR, communication, and marketing departments using AI about the behavior of each employee with the messages sent


We increase the effectiveness of corporate communications sending messages in real-time while analyzing the behavior of the user with the content using AI.


Companies with Communications, HR, or marketing departments that have more than 100 employees, and are geographically distributed.
We believe that every human being needs a quality, timely and effective communication process. Just in LATAM, there are, according, to the world bank, 281 Million employees. We are focused on companies where communications is a challenging area.