Concerned how economic uncertainty may affect your startup?

Join industry veterans Kipp Bodnar (Chief Marketing Officer, HubSpot) and Brad Coffey (Chief Customer Officer, Pipe; Former CSO, HubSpot) as they dive into how founders can safeguard their startups during a recession and take calculated risks to extend their runway.

HubSpot was founded in 2006, just before one of the most challenging economic time periods in American history, 2007–2009’s Great Recession. Based on their experience as early members of the HubSpot team, industry leaders, and startup advisors, Kipp and Brad will dive into defining moments and strategies to remain resilient during an economic crisis, and how to leverage them within your own company. This session is designed to teach you:

  • How to make lean decisions with limited capital and high expectations
  • How to create a framework for making big bets
  • How to place those bets over time to balance innovation with necessary decisions
  • How to leverage tools like HubSpot and Pipe to extend your runway and navigate uncertainty